The Next Quantum Leap Of Education

We believe the pathway to maximizing every student’s abilities and potential is through a personalized learning approach.


AIMEsays is a digital learning environment that uses machine learning to create personalized learning paths AND allow teachers to curate resources to facilitate and maximize a personalized (1:1) – tutor like – learning environment.

We put teachers in the driver seat of the design process.

Our approach involves educators throughout the process of development. We build tools that educators need and want - tools that are impactful from day 1.

Take the insights

obtained from educators through focus groups

Build tools

that satisfy those insights

Implement them

into the classroom so educators can use the tools they believe will work best for their classroom

Foster a cycle

of communication, implementation and improvement in order to unleash the talents of educators

Our Goal

AIMEsays pilot program is aims to deliver real-time data analytics of student progress and development.

Persona Of Each Stakeholders




We envision an increasingly equitable education environment

That will engage students and maximize their learning potential and future job skills.

Don't Just take our word for it

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AIMESAYS is a interactive platform the moves at the pace of the individual.

The development process of AIMESAYS, is to get to understand you the end user.

First and foremost, we foster a strong unwavering support for student growth. Exposure to the most sophisticated tools that will help guide and support you academically. Weather it is preparation for college, or a trade for life, we foster the ecosystem that allow students be who they want to be, in there environment.

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